Wednesday, March 12, 2014

13 Are Baptized

March 9 was a victorious day for us.
Thirteen people followed the Lord in believer's baptism

Martha began attending our church believing she had eternal.  When we explained that salvation is only by faith in Christ and not by our own good works, she realized she had never been saved.  She was converted and now prays for her husband to know Christ.  Her husband (Alfredo - pictured by her side) has begun attending our services and was genuinely happy for Martha on the day she was baptized.

This entire family was recently saved.  Ricardo (the father) was a deacon for year in a Pentecostal church, but had never been saved.

When Mario and Irma (father and oldest daughter pictured in red robes) were saved, it completed a family in Christ.

Mario and I have become great friends.  He was a preacher for years, but did not have salvation.  He is one happy Christian and it shows.

Martha was thrilled to follow Christ and identifly with him.  

Olenka is slowly growing in Christ.  She and her mother were saved and baptized together.

Eduardo is a true joy to my heart.  His wife is Vicky (far left).  She prayed for over 25 years for her husband to be saved.  Edwardo is on fire for Christ.

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Fresh Wind said...

Praying for your 13 converts and for you guys. Amazing stories.
God Bless you all!