Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Following the Ministry on FACEBOOK

You can now follow the radio ministry on FACEBOOK by going to: Many prefer this new means of communication and we are pleased that it is now available for you. My associate, Edward, will keep you up to date on what is happening. If you write in English, that is fine. It will be a good stretch for him and he wants to improve his English. And we all want to keep you informed.

We are also pleased to announce that we have streaming available for our ministry. This means you can listen directly to our broadcast live just as our Peruvian audience. This is a great means for your Spanish speaking friends to grow in the Word through the messages over Red Radio Integridad. Just log on to:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radio Marathon

This week (December 12 – 18) we are holding a radio marathon. This is where we make a special effort to make the needs of our radio station known to our listeners and encourage them to give to the ministry. This is held once a year.

Since this is the first time we have held the event, it is totally new to our listeners. We will use the opportunity to present the ministry to the public, build a relationship with our listeners by serving them, and make them aware of our Christian programming.

We have small gifts for those who come to visit us. The gifts are: pens, calendars, fliers with the gospel on printed on the back), and a Bible marker. Each item has “Radio Integrity” printed on it with our station frequency, web address to guide you to our programming over the internet, and our contact information.

Our listeners are our advertizing and they do a great job. This is because their interest is the same as ours: to present Jesus Christ to others and get people to learn the Word!

Please pray for the last two days. Those days are our biggest opportunity. We have already had a good response. This is an exciting ministry.

Two Important Blessings

Official Government Approval
We received government approval and the official document granting us a license to transmit from our new location. This is a great blessing and an answer to prayer. It took a lot of time, hard work and a large investment. God has been good to us in granting us favor with our government authorities.

Now on the Internet
It took us a while to get there, but we are now on the internet. Thanks to the hard work, perseverance and know-how of my associate pastor, all our radio programs can be heard live anywhere around the world where there is internet. All you have to do is log on to: People from Venezuela and the United States have asked us when we would be on internet. We praise the Lord that this service is now available to believers who would never be able to capture our radio signal. They too, can now benefit from the music and messages in Spanish from God’s Word through our ministry. We are thrilled at this amazing tool God has provided.

If you would like to see what the radio ministry sounds like to listeners in Lima, you can log on and hear it for yourself. If you know of anyone who speaks Spanish and would be interested in learning more of God’s Word through this means, feel free to share this resourceful site with them.

At the present, we can have 100 people listen at same time. When we get close to saturating that level, for a fee we can increase our capacity to serve more listeners. So as we grow, we can expand this service as well. We have just started to get the word out and now have an average of 2-3 people listening continually!