Friday, December 21, 2012

Annual Radio Marathon

The Marathon is a two-day annual event where we go live on the radio and teach the vision/mission of the radio ministry and what are our objectives.  The Marathon has nothing to do with running.  That term is used because we broadcast live and non-stop all day long.  We challenge listeners to support the ministry financially, in prayer and in promotion - inviting others to hear the Word of God.  Our listeners really get behind the ministry because they believe in what we are trying to accomplish.  
They bring love offerings in money and in items to offer in our garage sale to support the proclamation of the gospel over the radio waves.
It is such a blessing to meet our listeners.  They are as excited as we are!
A mom brings her little daughter.  We want to start them out early on God's Word!
 We have three other pastors who come and help us.  Edward, my assistant has his back to the camera.  From left to right are: Pastor Latimer, Pastor Noe, Pastor Javier (I am standing).  They are great men who we highly respect. 
Our listeners exhort us to stay true to God's Word. 
 Pastor Edward Interviews a Listener in an Impromptu Setting.
 As we broadcast live, we interview some of those who have come to the garage sale. 
This gentleman was nervous because our listeners are not used to talking on the radio and are not expecting to be interviewed.  But they get excited when asked to share what the Word of God over the radio means to them.
 Ruth hugs one of our most enthusiastic listeners.  I led Nany to Christ in Trujillo and now she lives in Lima.  This is a rare picture of Ruth because she is our designated picture taker.
 Over the course of two days we had about 50 volunteer helpers who ate in shifts and worked very hard!  They did it all for Jesus.  Most were on their feet for almost the entire time.
 Two Young Men Who Wanted to Share with Others How the Radio Is a Blessing to Them.
 Nelly loves our station.  Each year she composes a poem about Red Radio Integridad.  This year she read her poem to our listeners.  She is an amazing poet, but an even more amazing believer!
I don't remember this lady's name, but she represents one of the thousands who faithfully listen.  She begged us to let her sing a song in praise to her Lord.  It was beautiful.  They praise God will all their heart.
Edward and I tried to let the other three pastors do a lot of the live broadcasting so we can meet our listeners.
This young lady gave the best testimony of all.  She told how she had gone to one psychological counselor after another.  They put her on a lot of different medications.  But nothing helped her until she started listening to God's Word over the radio.  In her own words, inner peace began to fill her life and she no longer needs medication.  We just sat and listened while quietly, thanking God for letting us be a part of it all.  And you are a vital part too!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bible Conferences

Through the Radio Ministry we held Bible Conferences each day during this past week.  
Cornelio Rivera, native from Honduras, was our guest speaker.  He is a scholar who explains the Scriptures with a kind, clear and simple approach.  Any one who wants to learn can soak up the Word under his teaching.
Edward Zacarías is our associate pastor and the administrator of the radio ministry.  In spite of so many pressing responsibilities, he did an excellent job organizing it all.
The first one was held in a more central location of Lima and was held in three afternoons.  There was a charge to attend the sessions.  Printed notes and refreshments were provided.
It was so well attended that we had to announce over the radio that we had no room to receive more people.
The subject was expository preaching and we had several pastors attend.  The pastor along side of Stan is Javier Huamán.  He is the first missionary our new church plant in Lima took on for support.
Many couples came.  Each received a certificate for their participation in the conference.
A lot of the lay-men and women just wanted to learn God's Word and how to interpret the Scriptures.
The second conference was held in a sister church in the northern part of the city and ran for three nights.  The attendance was larger because the building held more people. 
Pastor Fidel Gómez is the pastor of the church and his church choir sang each night.  He was gracious in letting us use his church.  It is our prayer that many of those who attended the conference will begin to attend his church.
Bro. Rivera was also accompanied by his sweet wife, Aida.  They are a great couple that love the Lord with all their heart and serve in the radio ministry known in Spanish as "El Camino de la Vida" (The Way of Life).  May God bless his ministry and be glorified in their lives.

Granddaughter Norah

This is our latest grandchild.  Her name is Norah and she is the daughter of our son, Jonathan and Lorena.
Norah Mey
Grandma Ruth Showing Me Off
Jonathan - One Happy Daddy
Jonathan and Lorena with Their New Gift from Above
Lorena - A Wonderful Daughter-in-Law and Mother
Lorena's Father and Mother with Jon, Lorena and Norah.  
Kent and Belén Albright (Lorena's parents) are missionaries to Spain.  Lorena grew up in Spain.  The Albrights were there to help Lorena when Norah was born.
One Happy Family Headed to Spain as Missionaries
Daddy and Daughter - Resting on my Daddy's Big Shoulder
Norah Receives Lots of Love and Attention
Aunt Jessica Holding Norah
 One Happy Grandpa Holding Me for the First Time
Ruth Enjoys Being Grandma

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Family Pictures

Here are come pictures of our family.  Because I did not have the file that contains pictures of Jonathan and his family, they do not appear in this presentation.  I will have to post those when Ruth brings them to Peru.  Sorry about that.  Hope you enjoy these.
 Carson and Emily (Nathan's son and Amy's daughter)

 Ben, Amy and Emily - They serve the Lord in Quebec, Canada

 Amy and her grandma, Carol (Stan's Mom)

 Amy and her little girl (Emily) and Grandma Carol

 Emily - Amy's Daughter

 Carson and His Sister, Aurie (Nathan's two children)

 Grandpa Stan and Aurie

 Audrey and Aurie (Nathan's wife and daughter)
We thank the Lord for bringing Audrey into Our Family

 Grandma Ruth and Aurie

 Nathan's Family
From Left to Right: Jack (Audrey's nephew, Audrey, Nathan, Carson, Aurie and Grandma Ruth

 Stan's Sweetheart

 Grandpa reading Bible stories to Bayne and Chloe (Jessica's children)

 Grandma and Chloe - Best Friends

 Jessica Reads to Her Little Ones

 Jessica and Her Two Tigers

 Deric and Jessica with Their Children: Bayne and Chloe

 Father and Son
Deric is joy to all of us..

 Big Brother and Little Sister

 Two Happy Grandparents

 Grandma Has Her Hands Full

 Chloe - Jessica's Little Girl

 On Daddy's Lap
Ben and Deric are great son-in-laws.

 Snack Time - Audrey Is a Sweet Aunt and Mom to Emily and Aurie

 Fun  on the River - Ben, Ruth and Carson being pulled by Nathan's Boat

 Amy Is Blessed to Have a Such a Wonderful Family - Her Hubby and Sweetheart

Grandpa Enjoys Loving on His Grand Kids 

 Getting Off the Boat - Nathan, Audrey and Aurie

 Piggy Backing on Big Brother

 Nathan and Audey's Sweetheart

 Carson Is Growing in the Lord and Growing Up Too

Chloe Celebrates Her First Birthday with Grandma

Bayne Loves Riding His Bike

And We Are Going to Miss All of Them Until We Meet Again